Acceleration of cross-border operations as the key to the development of the new international trade in Russia
October 30, 2023
12.00 - 13.30
Amphitheatre hall
panel session
Supported by:
The FESCO Transport Group (Far Eastern Shipping Company), Delo Group

Ms. Lana Samarina, Deputy Director General, Regnum News Agency

Mr. Ruslan Davydov, Acting Head, FCS of Russia
Mr. Valentin Ivanov, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation
Mr. Valery Veremeev, First Vice-President, TransContainer PJSC
Mr. Arkady Korostelev, President, FESCO Transport Group
Mr. Pavel Isaev, Deputy Director General, Severstal
Mr. Alexey Shilo, Deputy Director General, Russian Railways
Mr. Akmalxuja Mavlonov, Chairman, Customs Committee under the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Republic of Uzbekistan
Mr. Ashot Muradyan, Deputy Chairman, State Revenue Service, Republic of Armenia
Customs clearance at the intersection of borders is one of the priority aspects of the state agenda in the current geopolitical environment. Given the rapid growth of cargo volumes in the EAEU and Asia-Pacific countries, the development of technologies to speed up cargo clearance, a unified data exchange for all the logistics chain participants, as well as the recognition of customs documents between Russia's main partner countries are becoming increasingly relevant. In the conditions of high loading of port capacities in the South and Far East, the role of rear terminals and the importance of multimodal transportation are greatly increasing. In addition, as part of the development of investment projects and infrastructure of Arctic ports, which provide for an increase in cargo flows along foreign trade routes along NSR from/to the Asia-Pacific countries, the need for customs clearance directly at the ports of loading and unloading and the creation of additional checkpoints is increasing.
Are additional technological solutions needed in the country to speed up cargo clearance? Which pilot projects have already proved successful, and which projects require further development of all market participants? What state support measures are needed for the Russian transport sector to encourage the creation of new technological routes and seamless logistics? Which countries need to develop the practice of recognizing customs documents when creating new routes and projects? What approaches are needed to implement projects to create additional customs checkpoints on the NSR routes?