Cross-border financial transactions for foreign trade participants: Features and prospects
October 30, 2023
12.00 - 13.30
Press hall
panel session
Supported by:
Multiservice Payment System LLC

Mr. Vladimir Kozinets, President, Association of Corporate Treasurers, Director, Treasury and Risk Management Department, ROLF Group
Ms. Olga Oliger, Advisor to the Director
General, Multiservice Payment System LLC

Mr. Sergey Shklyaev, Head, Department for Trade Barriers, Currency and Export Control, FCS of Russia
Mr. Alexander Rakhmanin, Director, Department for Work with Financial Institutions, PJSC ROSBANK
Ms. Anna Loban, Head, Currency Control Service, VTB Bank (PJSC)
Mr. Alexander Nikitin, Head, Directorate "Chemical Industry, Telecom, IT, Media and International Clients", Transactional Business Department, VTB Bank (PJSC)
Mr. Peter Ivanov, Director, Procurement and Logistics Department, IT-holding Fplus
One of the most acute problems faced by stakeholders in Russia is the problem of performing cross-border financial transactions for settlements for goods and services with counterparties. The existing problem with cross-border payments can be divided into two components: settlements with friendly countries in rubles, yuan and other national currencies, and settlements in toxic currencies with European, American and other suppliers from unfriendly countries. Major Russian banks and business representatives will share their expert opinions on the possibilities of making cross-border payments in the context of the total destruction of previously established correspondent relationships, the new payment landscape and settlement infrastructure, and alternative international settlement tools, such as settlements under foreign economic contracts and cash loan agreements. Special attention will be paid to the topic of customs clearance, accounting and currency control of imported cash. Representatives of the FCS of Russia will take part in the discussion.