Electronic interaction with the Federal Customs Service of Russia: balance of security, safety and convenience
October 30, 2023
16.45 - 18.00
Press hall
round table
Mr. Vladimir Skiba, Head, General Department of Information Technologies, FCS of Russia

Mr. Denis Tereshchenko, Deputy Head, FCS of Russia
Mr. Andrey Bykov, Head, Central Information and Technical Customs Department
Mr. Dmitry Radivonik, Head, General Department of Information Technologies, State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus
Mr. Ognyan Andreev, Director General, STM LLC
Mr. Igor Belotserkovsky, Director General, NTSsoft LLC
Mr. Alexander Bornyakov, Director General, InfoDec LLC
Mr. Oleg Fedorov, Deputy Head, SoftLand LLC
Mr. Stanislav Iskenderov, Deputy Director General, Alta-Soft LLC»
Mr. Dmitry Ivanov, Deputy Director for State Orders, Sigma-Soft LLC
Mr. Alexander Mamontov, Vice President, Chief Architect of Digitalization of Public Services, Rostelecom PJSC
Mr. Alexey Kaznin, Project Manager, Rostelecom PJSC
In the life cycle of electronic customs documents a significant stage is to ensure uninterrupted processing and transmission of information in the information systems of foreign trade participants and information operators. The efforts made by customs authorities to ensure the safety and avoid compromising information that is sensitive to the interests of the Russian Federation can be completely offset by the use of foreign software by stakeholders or by collecting information by unauthorized scanners and network packet interceptors embedded in the computing or telecommunications infrastructure of information operators and stakeholders.
How to ensure the security of the interests of the state and business, uninterrupted information interaction in the context of global changes in the geopolitical situation?
What risks and threats exist, including the use of foreign software?
Interaction of the information system of the FCS of Russia and information systems of information operators – speed, controllability, response time to the problem.
Data management: how we influence the quality of information transmitted in the information system?