Gazprombank Electronic Trading Platform. Joining forces and expanding opportunities
October 30, 2023
13.00 - 13.30
Presentation area
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Gazprombank (JSC)

Mr. Sergey Kalinin, Managing Director for Government Relations, Gazprombank (JSC)
Gazprombank's Electronic Trading Platform (ETP) is a federal electronic platform that consistently occupies a leading position in the Russian procurement industry. The GPB ETP digital solutions and services ecosystem provide tools for automating and managing the movement of products and services along all the entire supply chain and beyond. GPB's customers and partners are constantly upgrading their production facilities, and this pushes the Company to develop and implement new composite services to meet their needs. Current areas of work of the GPB ETP have significantly expanded; the Company can quickly adapt its service model to any task: starting from the construction of a large plant, a road, and ending with the modernization of production for the production of new products. Today, GPB ETP is a large service bureau to meet the needs of a customer of any level.
The issues about new tools and services the company offers to its partners as well as projects the team has implemented over the past year will be discussed during the presentation.