How to avoid mistakes in foreign economic activity. Development of the preliminary decisions mechanism
October 31, 2023
14.00 - 15.00
Press hall
round table
Supported by:
Renova Group of Companies

Ms. Antonina Levashenko, Head, Russian Competence and Analysis of OECD Standards, Russian Presidential Academy National Economy and Public Administration

Ms. Elena Yagodkina, Deputy Head, FCS of Russia
Mr. Sergey Vladimirov, Director, Department of Customs Legislation and Law Enforcement Practice, Eurasian Economic Commission
Mr. Vadim Bushuev, Vice-President, Association of Importers of Fruit and Vegetable Products
Mr. Yuri Kovalev, Deputy Director General, Voskhod LLC, Business Coordinator of the Permanent Commission for Improving Customs Administration (Expert and Advisory Council for the Implementation of Customs Policy under the FCS of Russia)
For participants of foreign economic activity the issue of goods classification is extremely important. In accordance with the HS code tariff, non-tariff and administrative regulation measures are determined. Correct identification of the commodity code allows to evaluate all the parameters of a foreign trade transaction in advance.
For this purpose the preliminary decision-making mechanism that is internationally recognized and recommended by the World Customs Organization is used. Such decisions can be obtained for both imported and exported goods, while making a preliminary decision is a public service.
For customs authorities, the availability of preliminary decisions when declaring goods means improving the quality of classification control while reducing its volume as well as the possibility of expanding the customs operations automation, and for businesses - minimizing the risks of misclassification of goods.
On the sidelines of the round table topical issues of public administration in the Russian Federation as well as proposals to be developed to improve one of the most popular public services provided by customs authorities will be discussed.