International settlements in national currencies
October 30, 2023
16.30 - 17.00
Presentation area
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Ms. Anna Novikova, Head, Department of Elaboration and Development of Foreign Economic Activity Products, Alfa-Bank
In the last year and a half, Russia has redistributed its foreign economic accents, shifting attention from the West to the East. This shift has led to significant changes in the strategies of many organizations and the nature of international trade operations.
Without conceding the importance of this change, topical issues related to international payments remain unresolved. In the context of the system of mutual settlements in national currencies, several aspects arise that require close attention. Among them are the liquidity issues of these currencies. Banks from neighboring countries remain cautious when entering into agreements with Russian financial institutions, fearing potential risks, although cooperation in this direction could contribute to a freer implementation of international transactions.
The experts of Alfa-Bank JSC will present information new opportunities provided by the currency legislation to achieve effective settlements in the field of international trade, the use of national currencies in international transactions, tools to increase profitability and effective management of currency risks, as well as consider the important role of banking support in ensuring successful international transactions and trade.