Perspective checkpoint in the port of Vladivostok ­– Commercial Port of Vladivostok PJSC
October 30, 2023
14.40 - 15.10
Presentation area
Supported by:
FESCO Transport Group (Far Eastern Shipping Company)

Mr. Evgeniy Volbrom, Head, Terminal and Warehouse Activities Service, FESCO Transport Group (Far Eastern Shipping Company)
Given the rapidly growing cargo flows through the ports of the Far East, there is a significant need to optimize existing cargo clearance procedures in order to reduce the time required for cargo delivery from the Asia-Pacific region to the central regions of Russia.
Within the framework of the project "Perspective Checkpoint in the Port of Vladivostok – Commercial Port of Vladivostok PJSC, modern technologies and digital solutions were integrated in the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port, which allow reducing the processing time of ships and cargo:
- mobile workstations for customs officers were integrated to quickly process cargo at the terminal as well as an information desk to track the status of container clearance;
- automated container weighing system;
- Yantar radiation control framework is used;
- Electronic Navigation Seals technology is implemented on the port – temporary storage warehouse (TSW) shoulder to speed up the clearance of containers going to the TSW;
- a project has been launched to create a covered warehouse for inspection work;
- work is underway to complete the integration of systems of all participants in the cargo clearance process within the Single Window Project.