Support measures: just about the complex
October 30, 2023
10.00 - 11.30
Amphitheatre hall
panel session
Ms. Elena Yagodkina, Deputy Head, FCS of Russia

Ms. Liliya Shchur-Trukhanovich, Director, Department of Development and Regulation of Foreign Economic Activity, Ministry of Economic Development of Russia
Mr.Vitaly Stepanov, General Director, Moscow Export Center
Ms. Alexandra Romazina, Deputy Director, Department of International Cooperation and Licensing in the Field of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia
Mr. Nazari Skrypnik, Head, Federal Service for Accreditation of Russia
Mr. Stanislav Georgievsky, Vice-President, Russian Export Center
Ms.Yulia Shabala, Deputy Director General, Metalloinvest LLC
Ms. Natalia Savkina, Head, Import Division, Lenta LLC
The relevance of this event for the participants of ICF-2023 is due to the fact that the effective foreign economic activity in the context of global economic volatility should be based on coordinated interaction between the state and business, which will allow promptly respond to negative impacts and overcome barriers created by unfriendly states in relation to Russian economic entities. The system of state support for business in the field of customs regulation has already shown its effectiveness and will be in demand in the future.
During the expert discussion, representatives of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, other relevant federal executive authorities and the business community will discuss topical issues of implementing customs, tariff and non-tariff regulation mechanisms that are the part of the system of state measures to support stakeholders. Based on the results of the event, it is planned to identify promising vectors for the development of the system of financial and economic support and simplification of foreign economic activity in the context of global economic transformation and the implementation of the Eurasian integration trend.